Radio Directories

Global Radio Directory Listings

General Radio Directories

  • ASL Radio: Discover a broad selection of amateur and shortwave radio stations worldwide, ideal for radio enthusiasts. Visit ASL Radio
  • DX Zone: A comprehensive resource with links to thousands of ham radio and broadcast stations globally. Visit DX Zone
  • Radio Directory: Search for radio stations by country, genre, or name on this international platform designed for easy access. Visit Radio Directory
  • RadioFY: Enjoy a curated selection of top radio stations by country and genre. Visit RadioFY
  • Radio-Locator: Known as the most comprehensive radio station search engine, listing over 10,000 stations worldwide. Visit Radio-Locator

Specialised and Interactive Radio Directories

  • RadioWays: Focuses on French-speaking stations and global hits, offering listings of stations from around the world. Visit RadioWays
  • Radio.Garden: Explore live radio by spinning a digital globe and tuning into broadcasts from various countries. Visit Radio.Garden
  • The Radio Map: Use a visual map interface to discover global radio stations by geographic navigation. Visit The Radio Map
  • EarthTuner: Tune into global radio stations using an engaging earth map interface. Visit EarthTuner
  • CitySounds: Streams urban sounds and radio stations, capturing the audio essence of major cities worldwide. Visit CitySounds

Online and Digital Radio Platforms

  • NetRadioList: Aggregates online radio stations into a searchable directory, offering global listening options. Visit NetRadioList
  • ChooseRadio: Features a selection of global radio stations categorised by music genre and country. Visit ChooseRadio
  • Global Tuners: Provides real-time access to remote controlled radios located worldwide for an interactive experience. Visit Global Tuners
  • Soundstorm Radio: Streams chillout and ambient music, alongside a directory of similar global stations. Visit Soundstorm Radio
  • Radio Bookmark: Allows users to bookmark their favourite stations and shows for a personalised listening experience. Visit Radio Bookmark
  • Open Radio Directory: A community-driven project cataloguing radio stations worldwide, with user contributions and updates. Visit Open Radio Directory
  • World Radio Map: Maps all radio stations around the world, providing frequency and transmission information. Visit World Radio Map
  • FMSCAN: Offers detailed information about FM, AM, TV, and shortwave stations globally, including technical details. Visit FMSCAN

Radio Apps and Services

  • TuneIn Radio Directory: While primarily an app for listening to radio and podcasts, also serves as a directory for finding stations globally. Visit TuneIn Radio Directory
  • Lists thousands of live broadcast radio stations worldwide, searchable by country or genre. Visit
  • Provides access to thousands of internet radio stations sorted by genre, popularity, and new additions. Visit
  • RadioGuide.FM: Simplifies the process of finding online radio stations with a user-friendly interface. Visit RadioGuide.FM
  • SurfMusic: Catalogues live radio stations from around the world that are available on the internet. Visit SurfMusic
  • LaRadioFM: Features an international directory of FM and internet radio stations, facilitating easy access to global broadcasts. Visit LaRadioFM
  • Offers a comprehensive list of radio stations streaming online, sortable by location and genre. Visit
  • Radioline: Provides a service to listen to radio and podcasts but also functions as a directory to find these services by country or genre. Visit Radioline
  • RadioBox: Offers access to a wide variety of radio stations globally, searchable by genre or location. Visit RadioBox

Additional Listings

  • myTuner Radio: Provides easy access to radio stations and podcasts from around the world, with apps available for most devices. Visit myTuner Radio
  • Streema: A convenient site for streaming live radio, TV stations, and podcasts from across the globe. Visit Streema
  • Jango Radio: Offers free internet radio that lets users customise stations based on their music preferences. Visit Jango Radio

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